Welcome to our blog I casually call the “VT” log. We’ll be posting weekly blogs for a multitude of reasons, but the content is planned to be everything from how to find a photographer that’s right for you to technical tips I use in post or shoot with. So whether your a client or been shooting for a few years our hope is you’ll find something relative to you!

With this being our first blog (and the first of a new year), this blog will be kept fairly simple as a list of goals we have for the business and our the direction we are wanting to take it. Who knows maybe you’ll find something useful as well. 

To start off, both Trish and I are both still working full time day jobs, raising two children, taking care of horses, dogs, horse shows, etc. Long story short, we have a lot going on. I’ve been playing with the idea of starting my own business for a while now and, with Trish supporting me, we decided it was time to take the leap. Our main goal for the business is to be able for at least me to shoot photos full time. To be able to do that we’ve recognized that there’s much sacrifice to be had while things get rolling. The amount of time. Money. Work at horse shows. Date nights. Vacations. If it’s going to work, we have to be committed 110%. 

Second, I’ve made a goal for myself to seek out more relationships with potential clients to hopefully retain their business as well as make more connections from referrals. To grow VT Photography to meet our goals, selling is a must. Ask, ask, ask. The worst they can say is no! 

Third, I’m going to have to upgrade some gear. At some point this year, I’m planning on outgrowing both my camera body and desktop. Part of our business plan involves shooting at the horse shows we attend. Since we’re already there, may as well try and make some money and get practice in right? Being portable and having the right equipment is going to make me much more efficient, therefore making us more money.

Fourth. This may sound easy, but honestly it’s the hardest part I’ve done so far… a portfolio critique and revamp. It straight up sucked. I’m still not happy with many of my old photos after breaking them down and teaching myself how to look at every little detail. It hurts! But I believe that if you want to be better at your craft, growing pains need to come with it. Comfort equals complacency, and complacency can kill a business. 

And finally number five. Education. I made it a goal as part of bettering myself at my craft to learn as much as possible, as fast as possible. Whether it’s podcasts, YouTube videos, magazines, other blogs, etc. I won’t go more than a few hours without trying to at least read up on something. That involves shooting too. I’m planning on taking my camera EVERYWHERE. Even if I have to setup a shot on the dining room table, I know learning new techniques, angles, and lighting will pay off big if we stay dedicated. 

There’s so much more I’m sure, but this is a long enough read as it is. The important thing is I know that if I dedicate myself to the craft and have Trish at my side to support me and help take care of our clients, we should be able to meet our goal with a couple years. Welcome to this crazy shit show we call our life and thanks for tagging along on the adventure! 

  • Chaz

** This blog is really written for myself to reflect on throughout the year. Maybe give it a try yourself, it’s a great way to hold yourself accountable and keep grinding. **