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Please fill out and submit the form, and we will do our best to have a return email to you within an hour! If email is not quite your thing or you would rather just call or text, you can reach Chaz at (801)834-7038.

Questions that are asked frequently :

How do I book a shoot?

To try and make it easy as possible, there are two different ways you can book a session. You can book online by clicking the link below our pricing page OR you are always welcome to reach out to us via email or text Chaz anytime at (801)834-7038. We'd love to chat and we'll do our best to accommodate your schedule!

How many images will I receive?

I've structured my business and pricing to give my clients the opportunity to pick and choose their favorite images on an a la carte basis. This way you can be sure to only pay for images that you love and are proud to display on that living room wall! I believe this gives the most value to my clients and a better overall experience.

Where are you based?

We're are based out of Taylorsville, UT. We operate mainly around the Salt Lake Valley, however we're not afraid to spend some time in a truck or travel (extra fee if over an hour drive).

Do you travel?

YES! As stated above, we're not afraid to spend some time on the road. We do have to charge a fee for anything over an hour drive, just something to keep in mind.

What is your turnaround time?

Our current turnaround time is currently 5 - 10 business days. Most days Chaz gets a little to excited after a shoot and gets to work as soon as we arrive back home.

Should anything ever happen that would cause a delay in getting your images back to you, we will be sure to communicate that with you.

What does licensing an image mean?

It can get a little complicated, but basically it means a client can purchase a license to use the photo in a way agreed upon by both the photographer and the client. The photographer retains ownership of the image. Most times, it's to have the image printed and hung on a wall. Sometimes a business would like to use it on their website. Costs can vary greatly because of this which is why I ask you contact us if you're interested.